12-02-2018 om 1:57 - pasra
Starting from June LOT Polish Airlines is going to launch the first direct connection from Warsaw to the capital city of Macedonia and Montenegro. Flights will be operated as many as 6 times a week by modern Embraer jets. Tickets are already availabe on sale.

Timetables were designed in such way that passengers travelling from Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg have fast and convenient connecting flights from the Warsaw Chopin Airport to Skopje and Podgornica
In total LOT now operates flights to 12 destinations in the Balkans. Apart from Skopje and Podgorica, in the summer season the airlines also fly to: Dubrovnik (a new connection starting from May - six flights per week), Zagreb (the increase from 10 to 14 flights per week), Split (two flights per week), Pula (one flight per week), Zadar (two flights per week), Belgrade (the increase from 9 to 11 flights per week), Ljubljana (the increase from six to seven flights per week), Sofia (19 flights per week), Bucharest (three flights per day) and Cluj-Napoca (six flights per week).

This year LOT has already announced the launch of four new destinations: from Warsaw to Skopje, Podgorica and Moscow Domodedovo Airport (the second largest airport in Moscow) and from Kraków to Budapest.
In 2017 LOT announced the launch of 27 connections, including from Warsaw to: Los Angeles, Newark, Astana and Singapore, from Budapest to New York City and Chicago, from Kraków to Chicago and from Rzeszów to Newark. In 2017 LOT’s passenger traffic totaled 6.8m which means that the figure went up by nearly 1.5m year-to-year. During that time four new Boeings were delivered to LOT: two B787 Dreamliners and two B737 MAXs. 12 more machines will be added to LOT’s fleet in 2018: three B787-9s (a larger version of the Dreamliner), three B737 MAX 8s and six EMBRAER 195s.
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